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The Shutter Designer

Leeza Ellis is the founder and director of The Shutter Designer. With a background in interior design, Leeza has been making and supplying window treatments for the past 15 years cultivating a real passion for beautiful interiors.

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Training Tale

Training Tale is a learner-friendly online course provider. They are started our journey to provide high-quality courses to meet the workforce demand in the 21st century.  Their Research & Development team works relentlessly to identify the market trends

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lead generation

Undisclosed Broker

As the market leader in uncovering hidden broker commissions, we help businesses across the UK recoup what they’re owed. Undisclosed broker commission refers to the practice of brokers or agents receiving hidden compensation from third parties involved in a transaction, without disclosing it to their clients. This lack of transparency can lead to conflicts of interest and undermine trust. 

Social Media manager

Cambridge School of Language

Proudly offering IELTS exams and language proficiency programs at Cambridge School of Language

Social Media manager

Russkin Bright

Russkin Bright was founded in 2018 to help small online businesses succeed in the digital world. Russkin Bright become a leading digital marketing agency trusted by businesses of all sizes worldwide.


Frequently Ask Questions

Shisir Roy is an experienced digital marketer who is passionate about help businesses in growing online. With years of industry expertise, he has perfected his skills in email marketing, lead creation, and SEO.

Shisir Roy, the experienced digital marketer, is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized support for all his digital marketing services. From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, he ensures clients receive expert guidance and assistance throughout the process

Shisir Roy excels in crafting highly engaging and personalized email marketing campaigns. He can help your business build effective email strategies, segment your audience, create compelling content, and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI. With his expertise, you can expect increased open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Shisir Roy's lead generation expertise can significantly impact your company's growth. He employs various lead generation tactics, including content marketing, social media strategies, and lead magnets, to attract and capture high-quality leads. With a focus on lead nurturing,